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On the three different types of tears


By Joe Perez

Soulfulness includes the ability to express deep and often sorrowful feeling. In tears, aspects of the soul are released from the body, flowing erotically from one soul beyond itself. Marc Gafni in The Dance of Tears (forthcoming, Integral Publishers) has even categorized three major types of tears:

All roads of life lead to death. Death, before its imminent arrival and in its aftermath is measured and defined in large part by the nature of tears it elicits.

Two kinds of tears from two different sources dance together here…. Although [the] tears [of the person who is about to pass over into the next realm] seem to be uniform and universal their true nature really depends on where in the soul they emerge from.

Those tears could be pre-personal, personal, or transpersonal.

Pre-personal tears are a function of the instinctive drive to survive in one’s most readily known form bodily existence which feels threatened by the encounter with death.

Personal tears well up from one’s unique life story, relationships, regrets, hopes, failures, loves, losses and lived dreams.

Transpersonal tears: the moment of death itself can for those who prepare, and sometimes even for those who did not, afford a moment of enlightenment where one’s true divine nature is profoundly and powerfully realized.

Photo Credit: mysza831