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Thomas Hübl asks, “What is humanity’s new story?”

By Joe Perez

What if we didn’t meet other people filtered through their stories? Spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl says:

First of all we learn to look through stories. Too much is attached to stories. We are holding stories. What we need is people who are more free to see what is actually happening. We are constantly looking for something that will keep us more safe. A new story will keep us more safe than the old story. But it’s just an illusion, because the new story will be a new stuckness later on. We don’t need more stories. We need people who are more here without stories that can see each other…

See the whole video.

I deeply appreciate Thomas’s perspective, but the idea that we need more people without stories rather than people with new stories because any new stories are going to eventually crash, doesn’t exactly speak to what I think of by “being awake.” My vision is one in which we need each other and honor our stories, pre-modern, modern, and post-modern.

Story is fullness. Abandoning story is abandoning fullness. The dance between fullness and emptiness is where the really juicy spiritual practices are happening today.

As it comes out in this video clip, Thomas is pretty much a True Self teacher (and a beautifully articulate one), not giving voice to a Unique Self vantage point. In the Unique Self understanding of enlightenment, humanity’s new story is one we are collectively writing together, immersed in its partiality and incompleteness.