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A tethered falcon suddenly unhooded, poem by Hafiz


Sharing a Hafiz poem video with you my friends and a simple practice afterwards…

Please listen and watch and then find a person that you are hating and let your heart melt.

With great love,


Photo Credit: Susan Hall Frazier

Photo of the Day: John Craig


By Joe Perez

Up, under
On, All
Sin, Son

Photo Credit: Craig Photography

Nick Georgiou’s art, inspired by the death of the printed word

Our Names writ, writ in Kosmic scroll,
Our cosmic names turn and turn,
Books they are written in, burn and burn,
Ever Our Names are writ, rewritten.

— Joe Perez

Nick Georgiou:

My art is inspired by the death of the printed word. Books and newspapers are becoming artifacts of the 21st century. As a society we’re shifting away from print consumption and heading straight towards full digital lives. My sculptures are products of their environment — both literally and figuratively. As often as I can, I use local newspapers to add authenticity, and the form the sculpture takes is a reflection of the personal connection I feel to that particular city. From a day-to-day standpoint, I’m heavily influenced by my surroundings. These days, I draw inspiration from America’s South West, and in particular Tucson, AZ — where I’ve lived and worked for almost four years. Going from NY to the desert is a pretty dramatic shift. Your concept of space expands when it’s not obstructed by buildings. You pay closer attention to nature because you’re always in it—and you do what you can to preserve it.

Georgiou’s blog.

Photo Credit: Nick Georgiou

Ekphrasis poem by Joe Perez: Playa de Górliz

Playa de Górliz

By Joe Perez

Playing at a beach,
Prana dwells in
Between marks
Of low,

Breath transferring
Speech, sight, sense-thought:
All movement of Spirit.

(The reflection:
It’s You.)

Photo Credit: ibardanza

Every thought unattended drifts in your wind…

Meditator - Chris M

Photo: actor Chris Millington shows a pose of serenity in an interesting spot.

From his blog:

Every thought unattended
drifts in your wind
Every feeling unplanted
roots in your ground
Every I lost
is you found