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Why discipline and will power are completely outdated, and an evolutionary alternative


By Kristen Ulmer This may surprise you, but discipline, perseverance, setting an intention, drive, the will; all those celebrated states usually taught by sports coaches, are completely outdated. Same with goal setting. Here’s why. I remember … [Continue reading]

Exploring the Unique Self and beyond …. Dialogue and Guidance (Part 2)

Child in Light

By Hans Jecklin This post is continued from Part 1. Whenever I wish to enter into dialogue with the Unique Self or ask for its guidance, I first feel an impulse to bow to its all-encompassing wisdom and love. It seems important for me to always … [Continue reading]

Perspectives as Post-modern Revelation


By Marc Gafni Every evolved culture and every evolved individual may realize Unique Self when True Self awakens to its Unique Perspective. An early expression of this equation is sourced in pre-modernity in the great teachings of the Kabbalists. … [Continue reading]

In defense of the Qur’an (from a World Spirituality perspective)


By Joe Perez Today on the Daily Dish, Andrew Sullivan asks his readers a fair question, crudely stated: "If there is an argument for why the Quran is so good, please bring it forward. I’ve read the Quran several times and it’s not that good. … [Continue reading]

What does it mean to be fair?

Snow White

  By Marc Gafni What does it mean to be fair? In one sense being fair means to be just and good. To be fair is to be honest and have integrity. Fairness implies appropriate weights and measure. To be fair means to give things the … [Continue reading]

Protest as Prayer (Part 15): Did he blow out the candles?

Candles Flickering

By Marc Gafni This post concludes the "Protest as Prayer" series. It is continued from post 14. It was late one Friday night, with the Sabbath candles flickering in the darkness, when the Rebbe stood up. He had been especially pensive this … [Continue reading]

Beauty is the most erotic of gifts, the ecstasy of love

Art Museum

On a discussion of Emerging Integral Art and Aesthetics, a comment by Fareed Artist: We can also experience states of consciousness where the phenomenal world which forms, truly appears as an illusionistic art-working. We find that Divine Reality … [Continue reading]

Protest as Prayer (Part 14): Three Truths


By Marc Gafni This post is continued from Part 13. We began with three truths. God is good. God is powerful. Good people suffer. These are the three truths of Job. We hold all three. We can live in the deep and painful uncertainty of not always … [Continue reading]

To improve at your sport, always be in a state of leaning in


By Kristen Ulmer If you really want to improve at your sport, it’s important to always be in a state of reaching, or leaning in. You may be surprised by what that means. The simple part is: You play tennis on your front foot, not your back. … [Continue reading]