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Eros and World Spirituality


The Temple Mysteries and the Next Stage in the Evolution of Sex!
Dr. Marc Gafni teaches about the ancient Temple Mysteries, in accordance with great esoteric kabbalistic tradition. Gafni, through his unique mixture of love, transmission and esoteric teachings brings the temple mysteries to the modern and postmodern world.

At the center of the mystery are the two cherubs.

On the top of the Lost Ark in the Holy of Holies of the Jerusalem temple, there are two cherubs in radical sexual embrace! Why are love making cherubs the primary image in the holy of holies of the Jerusalem Temple. And why does the biblical tradition teach that God’s voice speaks from between the cherubs?

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A story from the Babylonian Talmud: Why is the energy of adultery more exciting than having sex with a non-married person?

The Arameic texts of the Babylonian Talmud tell the story {Actually it is Dr. Gafni’s embellishment of the core story} of a man, who comes home, and finds his wife naked in the bedroom. There are cookies on the stand by the bed. The man is hungry; he reaches for a cookie, but suddenly the voice of the milkman cries out from the closet, Don’t eat it, it’s poisonous!” The legal question in the Talmud: Is the milkman an adulterer or not?

What is the psycho-spiritual message teaching underling this story? Why is there is a strange attraction in transgressive behaviour? Why does, at first blush, a boundary breaking sexuality seem to have more powerful psycho-sexual energy, then classical married sexuality? What does the nature of sexuality have to do with the fall of the temple?

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