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Upcoming Events

April 2012

  • “Love and Eros Teaching,” Eben Pagan Relationships Weekend, Las Vegas, Nevada. April 29.

May 2012

  • “Unique Self and Higher Education,” Exeter Academy, New Hampshire. By Invitation Only. May 1-2.
  • “Unique Self Process: Taught in Public for the First Time,” Venwoude Retreat Center, May 19 – 21.
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    In this three day process you will be guided in teaching and embodiment, to find, identify and live your Unique Gift in the world. The Gift that is yours and yours only, at this Unique Moment in time and space. The Gift for which evolution has taken the time until this very moment, to be expressed as you, through you and by you.

  • “Leadership Vision Retreat,” Venwoude Retreat Center, Holland, TBA
  • “Community Retreat,” Venwoude Retreat Center, Holland, TBA

June 2012

  • “Sexuality, Spirituality and Shadow: Living Your Enlightenment,” Telecourse (9-weeks), Tuesdays, beginning June 5. Register Here
  • “Mystery of Love Public Talk and Unique Self Retreat,” Integral Academy, Hungary. June 8-10

July 2012

  • “Evolution of Love,” Annette Kaiser and Marc Gafni, Switzerland.
  • “World Spirituality Retreat,” Shalom Mountain Wisdom School, TBA
  • “Tantra Workshop,” San Francisco, CA. By Invitation Only, July 8-13.

August 2012

  • “Festival of Love,” Venwoude Retreat Center, Holland, July 29 – Aug. 5.

September 2012

  • “TBA,” Pacific Grove Church: Carmel, CA, TBA
  • “Creative Living Fellowship with Marc Gafni and Marcy Baruch,” TBA
  • “High Holiday Teaching,” Marin, CA., TBA

November 2012

  • “Annual World Spirituality Retreat with Marc Gafni and Sally Kempton,” Esalen, Big Sur, Calif.
  • “Turning Poison into Nectar: Tantra and the Transformation of the Heart,” TBA, Nov 9 – Nov 11.
  • “Annual Evolution of Love Retreat,” Venwoude Retreat Center, Nov 2-4.